Host families 

As a host family, the dog lives in your home, in a loving, warm family. Here he/she gets all the love, attention, education and care he/she needs!

The host family preferably lives close to us in Maasmechelen, in a radius of approximately 30 kilometers.

There is no purchase fee to be paid.

All costs of food, course, normal vet costs and insurance are for the account of the host family.
All costs incurred with regard to breeding are of course for the breeder.


In the case of a male we will, if he has grown well, want to use it for breeding. That means he will come to us a few times to have a date with an Australian Labradoodle.
You don't have to miss a male for long. That will be a few hours at a time, or even less.


She will have a maximum of 4 litters with us when she is of age.
This means that she will stay with us for about 8 weeks around the time of delivery.
During this period you are welcome to visit mother and her puppies.

Of course there is much more to tell about this.

If you are interested to know more about this, you can reach us by mail or form below to get to know us and our Australian Labradoodles.